At Discover, we want to provide you the inside credit information that we feel every college student can benefit from. There are too many people on campus that scream "get good credit!" but there's no one that really explains all the ins and outs. For this reason, Credit Healthy has developed CSS to make sure that every college student signing up for a credit card (even if its not through us) gets the chance to be "credit educated".

Through this web page, you will get the chance to go through a CSS that is very similar to the one we present "live" on campus. You'll learn great strategies that very few adults know about and you will learn techniques that will save you $2,000 to $3,000! We are excited about what we are teaching and would like to hear from you.

  1. Credit card basics and background

  2. Explaining what good credit is EXACTLY

  3. Using your credit card as a financial TOOL

  4. Pitfalls commonly faced by students

  5. Common student misperceptions

  6. How a loan officer looks at you

  7. Save thousands when you borrow
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